Kirk L. Kroeker "Technology, too, obeys the law of responding, of answering a call at whose origin we are encountering so much static." -- Avital Ronell

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Welcome to my server. There's not much to see here other than a few writing samples, and a quick way to contact me. To send me email, either personal or professional, click "contact" at the bottom of the left column's set of links. Or connect to me on LinkedIn.

Currently, I work for the United Nations in Kabul, Afghanistan, as Head of Print & Digital in UNAMA's Strategic Communications section. For news about the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, please see the official UNAMA website.

Prior to joining the UN (where I've been working since 2011), I worked as an editor for 16 years, starting at eMedia in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Following eMedia, I worked for Computer magazine in the Los Alamitos, California editorial offices. I've worked for many other publishers, both in-house and on a contract basis, and I've occupied several senior-level positions in the media, including managing editor at ECT News in Los Angeles and managing editor at NewsFactor Network, also in Los Angeles.

I received a BA in Philosophy from Wheaton College (Illinois) in 1990 and an MA in English from California State University, Northridge, in 1992. My Master's thesis, titled "The Position Beyond Reproach," considered academic rhetoric through the lens of postmodern epistemologies. I did PhD work in English at Northeastern University (Massachusetts), where I was awarded a fellowship and taught undergraduate writing before leaving academia (ABD) to pursue a career in publishing.

My doctoral dissertation, which after many years still remains a work in progress, is entitled "History's Modernisms / Modernism's Histories: Dystopian Fiction from 1900 to 1950." Eventually, I'll transform some of this early work into a different book, likely a multidisciplinary approach to the cultural impact of emerging technologies on developing nations.

I've bylined several hundred articles, columns and news pieces about the impact of emerging technologies; see, for example, "Engineering the Web's Third Decade," "Mainstreaming Augmented Reality," or "Weighing Watson's Impact." I've posted a few other similar articles I've written here. My byline has appeared in peer-reviewed and commercial publications, including Computer, CACM, eMedia, NewsFactor, Sci-Tech Today, E-Commerce Times, Linux Insider, and in several other publications.

Before you ask me why I'm not on Facebook, please have a look at a few excellent articles by Border Stylo's Dan Yoder:
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